Developing and manufacturing long-lasting injectable
hydrogels in our state-of-the-art facility in Denmark

We have over 20 years experience
developing and manufacturing our
patented 2.5 iPAAG.

An injectable used in treatments
that provide years of
symptom relief for patients.

2.5 iPAAG is an injectable polyacrylamide hydrogel known for its unique
structure, comprising of 2.5% cross-linked polyacrylamide and 97.5% water.

It is a long-lasting bio-scaffold that promotes the smooth integration and
incorporation of surrounding biological tissues.

Unlike other injectables, 2.5 iPAAG is non-degradable and hydrophilic, which
allows it to maintain its structure and volume post-injection providing
long-lasting symptom relief for patients in a wide range of indications.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Denmark
ensures manufacturing consistent
high quality products

  • Dedicated and custom-built for manufacturing
    2.5 iPAAG
  • Automated processes ensure reliability and
    quality in every single syringe
  • Our highly skilled operators and engineers
    ensure that our syringes are tightly monitored
    and tested against comprehensive release specifications.
  • Manufactured to strict standards to meet FDA
    and EU regulations

Provide years of symptom
relief with a single treatment

  • Expand your minimally invasive treatment options
  • Allow patients to live their most active lives
  • Deliver symptom relief for many years

A unique hydrogel that provides
long-lasting symptom relief
across different therapy areas

If there are other indications not shown here
that your patients could benefit from, we
encourage you to contact our specialists for
expert guidance and support.

Injectables that use 2.5 iPAAG

Our promises to you

  • 1


    Rigorously tested to surpass strict industry requirements, securing global approvals that set new industry benchmarks1-3

  • 2


    Unlike other injectables, 2.5 iPAAG is non-degradable and fully integrates with surrounding tissue1-4

  • 3

    Providing significant benefit

    We will only enter markets where we believe 2.5 iPAAG addresses a significant clinical need and can offer clinically-meaningful results

  • 4

    Clinically proven

    We maintain 2.5 iPAAG’s market-leading efficacy and safety profile by conducting robust clinical research for each of the therapeutic areas we enter

  • 5

    Manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility

    We will continue to individually inspect each 2.5 iPAAG injectable in our Danish manufacturing facility so that every syringe is identical to the
    next in quality and composition


Over a million doses

delivered globally since 2003

Want to learn more about
how 2.5 iPAAG can help you?

Eliminate the frustration with injectables that
have short-lasting and unpredictable outcomes
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    Speak to a 2.5 iPAAG expert

    Book a time that works for you

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    Learn about the 2.5 iPAAG injectable

    Choose the injectable suitable for your patients

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    Trial 2.5 iPAAG

    Arrange a date to trial 2.5 iPAAG

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    • Data on file.
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