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2.5 iPAAG: A long-lasting, biocompatible, non-degradable hydrogel.

2.5 iPAAG* is a long-lasting non-degradable bio-scaffold, comprising of 2.5% cross-linked polyacrylamide and 97.5% water.
Due to its unique structure it is a non-migratory and highly durable injectable hydrogel that integrates with the surrounding tissue.

2.5 iPAAG is permeable to salts and organic molecules, allowing tissue to integrate after injection. 2.5 iPAAG continually exchanges
water with the surrounding tissue, which allows it to maintain its volume post-injection, providing long-lasting symptom
relief for patients in a wide range of indications.

This prevents common issues found with other injectables such as tissue hardening and particle migration while providing
long-lasting symptom relief.

3 months
Partially integrated
1 year
Fully integrated
2.5 years
Fully integrated

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