Women’s Health

The Women’s Health division of Contura is focused on improving patients’ quality of life
through the treatment of debilitating urological conditions.

Our leading women’s health product, Bulkamid, is used in the treatment of stress urinary
incontinence in a short, incision-free procedure designed to provide long-lasting relief of the
symptoms of stress urinary incontinence. Additionally, we distribute products for the
treatment of overactive bladder and interstitial cystitis.

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Bulkamid is a homogenous non-particulate hydrogel used in the
treatment of female stress urinary incontinence.

Bulkamid was granted CE approval in 2003 for the treatment of female urinary incontinence
and in 2017 for the treatment of vesicoureteral reflux in Canada. More than 80,000 people have been
treated to date, in over 25 countries, with a procedure that is performed under endoscopic
control using the Bulkamid Urethral Bulking System. The efficacy and safety of Bulkamid have
been documented in a number of international clinical studies involving more than 1,500 patients.

Products we distribute

Products we distribute

Regurin XL is indicated to help control the
symptoms of an overactive bladder.

Regurin XL (prolonged release Trospium chloride) is one of the anticholinergics
recommended by NICE for the treatment of urinary incontinence in women.
The product is licensed from the Mylan Group of companies.
Contura distributes Regurin XL in the UK.

Products we distribute

Cystistat is a sterile sodium hyaluronate solution for
temporary replacement of the glycosaminoglycan layer
in the bladder helping to protect it against natural
irritants, treating interstitial Cystitis.

Cystistat is an intravesical therapy which has treated over 800,000 patients
worldwide. The product is licensed from the Mylan Group of companies. Contura
distributes Cystistat in Germany and France.

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