Our technology is based upon patented hydrogels, comprising
97.5% water and 2.5% cross-linked polyacrylamide.

Once injected, the homogenous, biocompatible, viscoelastic hydrogel maintains its volume by continually
exchanging water with the surrounding host tissues. They are permeable to salts and organic molecules, allowing cells to
integrate through the gel after injection.

3 months
Partially integrated
1 year
Fully integrated
2.5 years
Fully integrated

Our hydrogels are non-particulate so do not contain a carrier gel,
making them non-absorbable, non-migratory and highly durable.

Unlike many particulate gels, they do not rely on a response from the host tissue to generate their
desired effect through a chronic inflammation but rather act through the volume of hydrogel itself
integrated with a fine vessel bearing fibrous network . As a result, they do not suffer from the
inherent issues of particulate based gels, namely an unpredictable desired effect, particle migration or tissue hardening.

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